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Odder, 8300
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Metamorph Quirky Couture accepts up to 50% payment in artmoney.

Welcome to Metamorph: Creators of head-turning fashion that will take your unique style to the next level

We are wife and husband, living in a small town in Denmark with our two children. The basement in our old villa has been transformed into an awesome workspace where we live out our obsessive compulsions to create beautiful handmade things.
Thea does the designing, sewing and fine detail work while Erik does stuff like cutting out leather and mounting rivets. He also deals with most of the business side of things as Thea has her head in a creative cloud with an intense focus on making unique and exquisite items.

Metamorph takes a stand against boring clothing, conformity and mass production. 
We are sick of getting screwed by faceless corporations who perceive us as an unfortunate obstacle before the credit card. 
We are sick of things that break just when we have become attached to them. 
We don't understand why manufacturing must be terrible when it can be so enjoyable.
We want kindness, quality and sustainability.

We scavenge the post-industrial world for cool old machinery and materials to upcycle. 
We reclaim the magic of making tangible things with our hands. 
Our pieces are beloved little babies, inter fused with passion and saturated with enthusiasm. 
We strive for perfection every step of the way.

Metamorph is where Nordic cool meet smoking hot. 
Where the old ways of production and trade meet edgy innovations.
We are the great in the small.

We are so grateful to our awesome customers from all over the world; our tribe of daring dreamers who share our aesthetic visions and sense of quality. You give us the power to create.
And we are thrilled that Etsy is providing us with a sustainable take on globalization. 
We would love to see more responsible people trade directly in the future.
And we believe such a change is necessary to make sure there will be a future.