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Lisbeth Thygesen is, as an artist, deeply absorbed by nature and it greatly affects her artistic expression, her dreams and her perception of life. Her paintings lead your thoughts into dreams, folklore, spirituality, magic and the Nordic and Scandinavian great outdoors and wilderness, and even though the setting is the nature of Northern Europe, her narrative is in a language of the subconscious and therefore understood and related to across culture.

She has exhibited in several galleries, solo as well as group shows, art associations and art fairs in Denmark, Sweden, Germany and Spain. She had her debut at one of the 5 major nationally recognized censored exhibitions in Denmark, “The Artists Censored Easter Exhibition” (KP18) in 2018, where artists from all over Denmark, but also international artists, apply. She had 3 works accepted out of a total of 29. In 2018 she also received the “public favorite award” at another major censored exhibition.

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