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Ray Tapajna

See Ray Tapajna's new Living Art Gallery at Ray is an advocate and artist for workers dignity and fair trade. His main site is Tapart News and Art that Talks at Ray now has thousands of site references worldwide. Search under tapsearcher,, arklineart, ray tapajna art or tapsearcher twitter. Much of his art featured here can also be viewed in one place at He supports and promotes the art money concept at ( included free service where you can mail to many places at one time supporting art money and your own art and comment ) As a courtesy, you can enjoy many totally free web services, promoters, submitters, press releases and much more free at and Follow Ray at Cluster of FREE web services and items sites at Advocacy sites at And if you want to copy and use one of his articles for your blog, select any at The most popular article is Lend Lease was Real Free Trade and not Chop Liver as in the Globalist World See also Or search under Tapsearch Com or tapsearcher Search under Clinton Years American Dream Reversed on Yahoo for thousands of references about Ray's art that talks

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