Sell BIG ART via artmoney

Thanks to a non-profit collaboration with the online gallery,, you can sell larger works of art via your artmoney profile by creating a link between the two sites.

This is how you link between artmoney and artboost:

First you create a free artboost profile here:

Link from artboost to artmoney 

Log in to your artboost profile. Under “Edit profile” / “Biography” you can add links. Here you need to insert your URL address from your artmoney profile; See my example:

Link fom artmoney to artboost  

Log in to your artmoney profile. Under ”Edit profile” you insert your URL address from your artboost profile; See my example:  

Now a new button appears in both profiles, pointing to the other site. Then you are ready to sell “big art” via your artmoney profile and artmoney via artboost!

If you have any questions, your are welcome to contact me on mail or phone:


Lars Christian Kraemmer / Denmark


Tlf.: +45 24251777