Rosenørns Allé 44


Udstillingen har åbent man-fre, kl. 12-16 til og med den 22. september

60 kunstnere udstiller hver 10 artmoney


Visit the ARTMONEY GALLERY in Frederiksberg/Denmark

ARTMONEY GALLERY grand opening

I anledning af ARTMONEY’s 20-års jubilæum åbner for første gang et artmoney galleri ud til gaden. Det fejres med vin og snacks og gode folk en forårsfredag på Frederiksberg!

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artmoney is art

The struggle for recognition of artmoney as art continues...

Balkan Barber

First we have to be able to feel beauty from inside, and then outside. Our job as hairdressers is simply to enhance the natural of way of beauty

Anholt Inn - Hans and his dog

I had noticed that Anholt Inn accepted artmoney as part payment. So, I contacted the owner of Anholt Inn, Hans, to find out if it was really true.

A city tour of Copenhagen with Paul Hartvigson

Paul Hartvigson is an experienced tour guide with a strong personality and deep knowledge of Copenhagen

Artist of the Month - Rikke Darling

What started out as a form of view on society and women for me, it has probably become more a view of nature for me now. I am interested in biology. The biology within us, and the biology around us.

Artist of the Month - Martin Silz

The first time I heard about artmoney, I thought YES, it's a great idea. Then some years past before I finally signed up. But I have always felt that it was a great idea on several levels.