Published Nov. 21. 2017

Hanna at Godthåb & Kaffe welcomes artmoney

It's a passion and a dream that drives me

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Frederiksberg is "Artmoney Capital of the World," thus more and more shops from this Danish town inside Copenhagen is accepting artmoney as partial payment. I was so lucky to make an interview of the owner of a cafe, that has been involved for half a year...


Interview of Hanna at Godthåb & Kaffe by Lars Christian Kræmmer

November 11th, 2017


What is your name?

- My name is Hanna


Who is Hanna – a brief story?

- Hanna is a 34-year-old woman who has always dreamed of having a coffee shop. When she turned 30 she said to herself, it must be now or never! Before that she was employed at Microsoft for 5 years. When she quit her job, she spent some time finding the right place and fix it up nicely. It's a passion and a dream that drives me.


When did your cafe open?

- The cafe opened in December, 2015. Soon we can celebrate two years!


Why did you open your own café?

- It was the desire to work with people. And coffee. I love coffee. I love drinking coffee and I love the smell of coffee, and I like to make coffee as well. I thought it would be incredible to have a working life with people and coffee. And I love the idea of having my own business and being independent. If I can be independent and do something I love at the same time, I think that's happiness. Then I could feel happy in the job market. So it's an attempt to create my own happiness.


What kind of people visit your café?

Here comes the neighbors and the locals, the students and the job seekers. There are quite a few people who have found us on the social media, through artmoney or through a friend. We also see many people from abroad, so it's quite an International atmosphere.


What kinds of events take place here?

We have begun hosting a live podcast cast show by Maria Guldager entitled "The Sound of a Better Life" directly from cafe Godthåb & Kaffe. That involves an audience present in the cafe while we conduct a live interview. Next time, the topic is: "Love." Other topics have been "Work," "Motivation," "Stress in life," or other lifestyle issues.


How do you think accepting artmoney can benefit your cafe?

- I hope it can open up to more creative people. Several artists who have the same currency can come here and work and spend their artmoney. It can attract creative people. And that goes well with the spirit of the cafe. Another thing that matters to me is to support someone. To back up all the talented souls who are out there. To help them by opening the door to them. Therefore, we also accept this kind of currency which is art.

Visit us Tuesday to Saturday between 9am-5pm

Godthaab & Kaffe

Godthåbsvej 12 B (around the corner from ROXY Netto)

2000 Frederiksberg