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Three generations of Ulstrup

The Danish family, Ulstrup has chosen to share an artmoney profile between three generations. Meet them in this interview and learn why.



Artmoney EVENT i Sønderborg 16. aug. til og med 30. aug. 2018

Fernisering torsdag 16. aug. kl. 16-17.30 Lars Christian Kræmmer åbner udstillingen  
Artmoney Gallery, Rosenørns Alle 44, Frederiksberg

Las Palmas in Copenhagen

Three artists from Las Palmas de Gran Canary will show their works for the first time in Denmark.  
Sydney, Australien


NOTE: the exhibition has been canceled!   
Gallery Soppa de Azul Calle Américo Vespucio Las Palmas de Gran Canaria / Spain

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